Fenixera calendar for business

With Fenixera for business you can create a calendar for your business to attract new customers and to surprise already existing ones. In this calendar you can use your own logo, pictures, texts and even videos. The calendar can be embed and it will be found directly on your company’s website. You can use it as advent calendar for Christmas period, as calendar for different deals during your chosen month – it is all up to your creativity.


Corporate Design

use your company‘s logo, colors, fonts and anything you like.


Upload your personal calendar to your company‘s website, so none of your customers would ever miss it.

Custom date

Use the calendar when you feel your business needs it the most – Advent, Black Friday week, Month of your companie‘s anniversary.  Create a calendar now Or  View an example!


Advent calendar link

Download a link of your customized advent calendar and share it with your friends by email, your social media platforms, etc.

49 €

  • Customizable
  • Upload photos, text or videos
  • Choose start and end date
  • Get a shareble link

Advent calendar installed in your website

Advent calendar will pop up every time someone visits your website during the advent period. It will invite your customers to open one window every day.

499 €

  • Integrated in your own website
  • Customizable
  • Upload photos, text or videos
  • Choose start and end date

Have several websites?

Or Email us at post@norprosolutions.no for a special price offer.

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Fenixera company group is located in Oslo, Norway. Our aim is to help newly establishing businesses in Scandinavian market.

We help with everything your company could ever need:

Add photos to your calendar

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Add photos to your calendar

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Add photos to your calendar

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Add photos to your calendar


Add photos to your calendar

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